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Re: GRUB Error on 04-12 Images

On 4/15/19 9:26 AM, Frank Scheiner wrote:
> although this is already solved (with [1]), I wanted to notify you, that
> the message I'm replying to, reached me (and possibly others) only after
> your last message, though it was sent earlier.
I don't fully agree that the issue is resolved as the error handling is
broken in the script "mk-hfs-bootstrap.sh" as you can see from the
output from syslog:

Mk-hfs-bootstrap: the HFS bootstrap partition couldn't be found. Cannot continue! Exiting.
Main-menu: cat: can't open /var/lib/partman/devices/=dev=SDB/string of numbers/mountpoint: no such file or directory
WARNING**: Configuring grub-installer failed with error code 1

I assume that Noah typed that message instead of copying it (from the "string
of numbers"), but that that "=dev=SDB=" looks very suspicious unless it is
a copy-and-paste error. It definitely needs to be investigated.


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