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Re: PowerMac G5 fans run out of control with kernel 4.17.0-3-powerpc64 but not with 4.16.0-1-powerpc64

This all started because of this thing :


Which gets referenced here : https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=199471

I still don't know if it works or not.
I see no change in fan behavior regardless what I do.

There there was a guy ( Rick Thomas ) that wanted to give that a try but
the detailed wonderful notes about how to do this in the Debian way are
not of much help so I say "hey let's try this step by step" and someone
else says "that is not needed and a waste of time" and then others say
"that is easy" meanwhile no one helps Rick.

I wrote that long winded thing for a guy named Rick Thomas and maybe he went off and gave it a whirl. I don't know. Yet. Maybe never. Would be nice to know.

I suggest then that you post the particular error message you are seeing. That's
much easier for me than writing a 50-page documentation which spoon-feeds the

Well if someone somewhere doesn't spoon feed a process then don't expect
anyone anywhere to bother looking at it. I see unresolved bugs marked as
fixed all the time simply because no one ever looked at the problem and
actually fixed it. I call that "no one followed up so it must work" fix.
Ugly but that is the real world.

Anyways I don't need to make "deb" packages for any particular reason. I
was only interested ( mildly ) in seeing if these fans running bonkers
out of control could be somehow under control and maybe that patch from
Wolfram Sang worked. At the very least smoke doesn't come out of the old

Really I find the IBM Power9 world more interesting but they have teamed
up with NVidia and Red Hat and really who knows if cuda will ever be
available on Debian PPC64 but that is a whole other story.


ps: actually RISC-V is even more interesting

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