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Re: PowerMac G5 fans run out of control with kernel 4.17.0-3-powerpc64 but not with 4.16.0-1-powerpc64

On 10/12/18 4:10 PM, Dennis Clarke wrote:
> That page speaks of many things but clear instructions are not among them.
> That whole page speaks in riddles and strange incantations that don't
> really mean anything. The next full moon is 24th of October and I
> may be willing to give it a try. However the process will fail as it
> has before over and over and as a user I lose interest in poorly written
> instructions that speak in half truths and worthless jargon.

Well, you can't really expect that someone will give you a full course
on the basics. If it was written like that, the whole manual would probably
have several thousand pages.

> fakeroot ?
> That alone is something from the distant past that bothers me.
> Nope ... not interested.

What's wrong with looking things up that are not familiar to you?  I don't
want to discourage you to try and play with Debian on a PowerPC machine. But
I think it's fair to expect that if a user is willing to install an unsupported
version of Debian on an unsupported machine, then the developers can expect
some manual work from the user.

It's not that people are not willing to help. It's simply that time and resources
are limited and in Debian Ports, we don't have the manpower to provide a polished
product where we have each and every corner-case covered.

Building your own kernel isn't really difficult. It's mostly a matter of installing
the build dependencies for the kernel with "apt-get build-dep linux", then downloading
the source tarball of the kernel you want to use, unpacking it, copying the configuration
from /boot/ which you are currently using to $KERNEL_SRC_ROOT/.config, running "make oldconfig"
and applying any patches you want to test. Then just "make", "make modules", "make install"
and "make modules_install". There isn't anything more to it, really.

> Attached are detailed step by step and clear instuctions on how to fetch the pure linux kernel sources and then compile and install the thing. There are no magic words or strange incantations.  Maybe something to do with modules needing to be stripped a bit and perhaps a look at a conf file in /etc but really it is step by step clear.  If it isn't then it is easy to ask.
> Here is a blunt force trauma set of steps :
> https://node000.genunix.com/deb_ppc64/debian_ppc64_kernel_build.txt

Writing a document like this takes really a long time and as already said, this is
just something we can't do - at least I can't. There is certainly enough documentation
on the internet on how to build your own kernel, either in Debian or any other
Linux distribution. However, for a generic kernel taken from upstream, you can just
take any howto.

> Would be nice if the "Debian way" were written up in a step by step fashion.

I think there are better ways to spend so much time than writing documentation
that already exists.


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