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Re: Multicore kernel

Download site doesn't list any smp iso's. Using xfce cd image.  Tried several
ubuntu images but got nowhere since it doesn't display what is going on just
a splash screen.
But if all I need is rebuild my own kernel with smp support it shouldn't be
a major problem.
I did find out last night that part of the booting problem is the pc scsi
card (dual channel 160 adaptec). The card will not boot, but the mac scsi
will boot, but appears to hand off the booting to the other scsi drive at
stage two.
So the pc card is recognized by the boot loader as first card, yet the cd
booting sees it as second card, when installing.
So I may need to just have this old mac scsi for the apple neoworld boot. 
Installing with just the pc drive running now to put entire system on it,
then will power up the mac cards drive and try a boot.  At least I will have
enough room to build a kernel this way.
Was donated 3 G4's, two with 500mhz 1 gig, and this silver  1ghz dual  with
1.5 gig.  So far it was easier to get my sparc running linux.  Just needed a
working sun to burn the install disk, and everything worked great from
I am guessing that there is no mac keyboard adapter for kvm switches, once
it runs I can eject cd from command line, but till then I am using a mac
keyboard to open drive.  Just hate the idea of having a mac only kvm for
three boxes, with their own monitor as well.

Well got farther along,  gave up waiting for root device.... Looks like I
need to use same partitioning as the mac drive, must pass parameters about
partitions to the secondary loader as well. Just hope it isn't passing
partition size as well.
If I didn't know macs are scisi I would swear these machines are trying to
force me to buy ide drives.
This one fails I guess I try booting a live cd, and copying the real drive
/boot maps to the apple cards /boot directory and see what happens.

This is almost as frustrating as free bsd back in the early 90's.  Learned a
lot from all the failed attempts to though.

Any good docs on this apple booting scheme?

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