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Re: Multicore kernel

On Mon, Apr 18, 2011 at 09:41:15AM -0700, Slackware wrote:
> I know this G4 has 2 cpu's, as I checked it under osX before hosing the
> system for Linux.
> But only one cpu showing up in /proc.
> Limited disk space as it doesn't like my pc scsi cards to boot, only will
> boot off of an old mac scsi
> with a 2 gig drive.  So still hacking the fs to allow bigger system.
> Is the kernel only built for one cpu with PPC?

Check the linux-image package you have installed.  If it ends in
"powerpc" and not "powerpc-smp", you probably have the wrong one.  You
can install the "powerpc-smp" variant to use more than one CPU; there's
really no reason not to.  As always, remember not to uninstall the old
kernel package while that kernel is running.

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