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Re: A short tutorial on running GRUB2 on a PPC

On 4/3/11, Roger Leigh <rleigh@codelibre.net> wrote:
> On Sun, Apr 03, 2011 at 11:40:14AM -0400, Super Bisquit wrote:
>> It is neither abusive nor unhelpful. His idea won't work.
>> He is wrong on many points.
> It does not matter that he may have been wrong.  People are wrong all
> the time.
> Understand this: you were both abusive and unhelpful.  And you should
> apologise for that, because it was totally unwarranted.
Unhelpful? No. I speak from experience on using other operating
systems on PowerMac equipment.
Rude? No. Crass and brash and rough? Yes.
But, since you thought such: My apologies if my delivery was too strong.
> Criticism is fine, so long as it is constructive.  You were not
> constructive.  Did you thank him for spending his time investigating
> GRUB2 on openfirmware and writing up his findings, and point out any
> unintentional inaccuracies or omissions?  No.  You did not.  You were
> rude and aggressive, and did not provide any helpful information to
> actually result in any technical improvements which would benefit us.
>> Wrong information on any mailing list is wrong information.
>> Debian and linux is not the world when it comes to alternative
>> operating systems.
>> There is no simple way to give an answer unless he actually uses the
>> other operating systems.
> You are posting on a Debian list.  Whether GRUB2 can boot other
> systems was not part of the discussion, and is not relevant to the
> purpose of debian-powerpc which is, obviously, focussed on Debian
> on the powerpc architecture.  If GRUB2 doesn't boot on BSD systems
> on powerpc then feel free to fix that, but it's not remotely on topic.

Install any of the other operating systems to a Powermac and see if
such will work. It won't.
You are being selectively ignorant thinking that the solutions for
Linux will work for all operating systems and not doing testing

> But that's not an excuse to be rude and abusive under any
> circumstances.

> Regards,
> Roger
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