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Re: Installing nouveau hints?


Le samedi 09 octobre 2010 à 17:52 -0700, Gnu Turd a écrit :
>  I chatted with a fellow over at the ubuntu-ppc IRC channel and
> apparently the PPC version is released at the same time as the regular
> Ubuntu releases (tomorrow, I gather).  He also said that even with
> Ubuntu getting nouveau to work is hit or miss, depending upon you
> hardware.  I was cautioned not to expect too much even if I did get it
> to work.  I think I'll DL the Meercat PPC image and at least try the
> live boot on this box.  If it works I will try to repartition the box
> and dual boot Debian & Ubuntu.

Just to let you know that I used to compile all the stuff from the
nouveau howto (drm, libdri, nouveau DDX and maybe some other stuff) on
my powerbook (NV34) and got this driver working quite well (even
dual-screen); it's been something like two years ago, with a much more
older kernel. So, it was possible, but I didn't try with newer release.


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