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Re: Debugging yaboot issues (was: Re: Call for testers: new yaboot package release - experimental installer)

Hi Benjamin

Excerpts from Benjamin Cama's message of Mon Okt 11 00:21:23 +0200 2010:

> That's where I am asking for help from the d-i team: how could we test
> this new package from a d-i install disc ? Is there an easier and more
> "officially-compliant" way, so that we can report bugs without doubts ?
> Should we push the package to unstable directly ?

Did you only modify the yaboot package or did you modify
yaboot-installer as well? I did not follow very closely how you built
your test images, but testing a new bootloader package inside d-i is a
bit tricky. AFAIK you have the following options (others on d-b may
correct me if there is an other option):

- create a local (partial) mirror wich contains your modified package
  and install from there. This is quite some work to set up, but the
  most flexible.
- change to a shell in the installer after the package is installed 
  from d-i, copy the new package into the installer environment, 
  chroot /target, and then dpkg -i the new package. This has to be
  done before yaboot-installer runs. This is easier but less elegant
  than the first solution.

If you just want to test a new yaboot-installer udeb you can add the
udeb to localudebs and build your own d-i image. See
installer/build/README in the d-i source repository on svn.debian.org 
for more information. 

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