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Re: PowerPC 8500??

On Wed, Sep 09, 2009 at 05:52:33AM -0400, Frank Rubinsky wrote:
> Good catch - I missed that page, but I just looked closely at it, and  
> didn't see any base OS downloads.  Everything seems to be a point  
> release update/upgrade - which requires the major release - which  
> isn't on that site.   It looks like this page has everything Apple  
> released for free but nothing (OS at least) that was sold (or  
> included with new machines).

I haven't tried downloading them, but I'm pretty sure there's a full
copy of 7.5.3 there. It's 19 floppy images, and that sounds about
right for the real build. I have it on CD so I didn't need them.

Here's the first one:


You'll also want to grab the update to 7.5.5 while you're there. It's only
three floppy images.

I'll admit it's hard to find anything on that page.

	Brad Boyer

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