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Re: view flash website

Shawn H. Corey a écrit :
Benjamin Cama wrote:
The only solution, if you want the original Adobe stuff, would be for them to open-source it, but I am very doubtfull about it.

The strange thing is that Adobe did open source Postscript and PDF. Why don't they do Flash too?

It depends on what do you mean by "open", and what was opened. Postscript and PDF are open specifications : everyone is free to implement them. But Adobe didn't "open" any implementation : Adobe Acrobat Reader is proprietary software, for example.

Concerning Flash, the specifications have recently been "opened" : they were already public before, but with restrictions on the implementations, like forbidding the implementation of a Flash player ... (Tough I don't understand how one can forbid anyone to implement something out of a specification ...). So, today, one could implement a Flash player "freely". That's not simple as it bears a lot of backward-compatibility tricks, but it is theorically possible (look at gnash and swfdec). But that won't be enough for youtube videos : the proprietary Flash codec (don't know which one they're using today) is still a closed-source, closed specification one. You may have a better chance with H264 streams, though (I don't know how much of them youtube has as of today).


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