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Re: view flash website

> You're right! Anyway, i'm a graphic designer. For my job I need
> a rule, a pencil, a sheet of paper, and unfortunely the Adobe
> tools. :) i MUST to view flash website because -as you known- Adobe
> fix some standards for the web market.

I understand you may feel like you don't have a choice, given your
situation in life, but if you care about your freedom then you also MUST
stay away from propietary technology.  Both of those "MUST" are really
personal choices, with far reaching consequences.

> And, for your consideration, every three days i want to visit You
> tube, Vimeo website, myspace, and so on.... web services that use
> a flash tecnology.

I don't visit these sites very much, but Gnash played all the
youtube videos I've visited in the last year, without any
particular problem.

> Many people use this services, every day.
> All stupids?

Why would you say that?  At least I haven't said anything that should
lead you to the conclusion that I consider those people stupid.

> Anyway, you right.  I need to shutdown my debian, when i MUST to visit
> flash websites.

Using another system might indeed be the only current solution to
viewing those websites, indeed.  This may also require shutting down
debian (tho maybe you can hibernate instead, or run the other
system in mac-on-linux?).
But if you don't like that solution, then you may also consider in
parallel doing one of the things I suggested:

   Help the Gnash developers make it better?
   Lobby Adobe to Free their Flash player?
   Lobby the relevant webmasters so they use something else than Flash?
   View other sites (it's not like there's a shortage, is there?)?

so as to try and get this problem solved in the future.

> Repeat: "i must". I hope that the future is better. 

Things don't happen magically, people make them happen.  So if you want
your hope to become reality, you may want to try and help those people
who're trying to make it happen.


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