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Re: view flash website


the grv a écrit :
You're right! Anyway, i'm a graphic designer. For my job I need a rule, a pencil, a sheet of paper, and unfortunely the Adobe tools. :) i MUST to view flash website because -as you known- Adobe fix some standards for the web market.
Repeat: "i must". I hope that the future is better.

Maybe am I stating the obvious, but as I didn't see it precisely mentionned : Adobe Flash is available only to x86 for linux and to PPC but for MacOS X. There is no way to make this plugin work on a PPC linux. Except maybe the qemu/nspluginwrapper trick but it looks far too hackish to me.

And don't expect anything from Adobe for PPC, as this architecture is commercially dead for "desktop" use.

The only solution, if you want the original Adobe stuff, would be for them to open-source it, but I am very doubtfull about it.


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