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Re: installing debian on an: Apple PowerBook G4 550 (Gigabit - Ti)

Hi, All.

On Sep 02 2009, Gunther Furtado wrote:
> quarta, 02 de setembro de 2009,
> sergio sevillano <sergiosevillano.mail@gmail.com> escreveu:
> >Can i get to the console from yaboot?
> After the blank screen you should be able to switch to console with
> Ctrl+Alt+F1.

Yes, this would usually work. I'm too lazy to check the documentation on
how to use magic SysRq on an Apple keyboard, though.

> I am not sure about what is the correct combination of Control Option
> and Apple (command) keys you shoud use when you are using an Apple
> keyboard. You'll have to try...

Perhaps that should be Control + Option + Fn + F1 (with the Fn part
depending on wheter you have selected the function keys to work as
hotkeys or not).

Regards, Rogério Brito.

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