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Re: About the computational power of g4 machines

On May 16 2009, drz wrote:
> Am Samstag 16 Mai 2009 09:59:50 schrieb Rogério Brito:
> > http://images.apple.com/movies/us/hd_gallery/gl1800/480p/gilmour_480p.mov
> > http://images.apple.com/movies/us/hd_gallery/gl1800/720p/gilmour_720p.mov
> > http://images.apple.com/movies/us/hd_gallery/gl1800/1080p/gilmour_1080p.mov
> 1080p is not viewable here (with compiz activated, didnt try without, graphics 
> hardware see below)

Right. I thought it would be hard to see. But how much "not viewable" is
it?  Are you using mplayer? Do you have many frame drops?

> 720p is perfect.

Can you test the 720p video with a lower clock? I'm interested to see
how low can its clock go while still watching the video. If you can
please use the following:

* the userspace governor (so that you can change the frequencies as you
* try using powerprefs, if possible.

> > Another question: is a Radeon 7500 mobility with 32MB of VRAM able to
> > use compiz and similars?
> I guess this will be a little too less for compiz, but I dont really
> know.

I have something in the back of my memory of Michel Dänzer saying the
memory consumption of DRI 1 a loooong time ago. This excluded my 8MB
Rage 128 M3, unless I used 16 bits per pixel (which, at the time, as a
side effect enabled DMA for XV, which was my main purpose, as I was
interested in playing DVDs with my iBook G3 600MHz).

OTOH, not too long ago, I reported that my Matrox G400 16MB wouldn't run
Ubuntu's compiz and the reply that I received back was that 16MB was too
little memory. :-/

> (my PB G4 has a radeon 9700, rv350 chip).

The opportunity that I have is to purchase an iBook G4 800MHz. As I have
never used a machine with Altivec before, I don't know how it would be
useful for playing, say, DVDs with de-interlacing enabled or some MPEG-4
Part 2 or some H.264 videos.

Playing such videos would be the most "real time" demanding applications
that I would have. Others would be to compile things for Debian.

> If you can get your fingers on a 1,33 Ghz version, try that for more
> graphics power, its a perfect machine. ;) I youre not into gaming no
> normal user needs more.

No, I don't play any games. I was just interested in knowing if the
hardware could cope with some things like avant-window-navigator (which
seems to need compositing).

Also, how is Airport Extreme working with the binary blob and current

> Used Powerbooks are unbelievable expensive, even my 5 year old PB
> (ebay: over 500 € still, you get a first class used PC notebook for
> that amount). The used Apple Notebooks seem to be a pretty good
> investment ;).

Unfortunately, my budget is limited. This is the reason why I would like
to know better before I actually get a ppc notebook (the primary reason
would be Debian development and getting Linux working on some ppc

I'm also thinking of reviving gtkpbbuttons, pbbuttonsd etc, if I do get
a good laptop.


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