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Re: Getting Installation Instructions for an OldWorld Machine (was: Re: G3 Beige Tower install help)

On 2008-09-13, Rogério Brito <rbrito@ime.usp.br> wrote:
> On Sep 09 2008, Stephen Allen wrote:

> Please, if you put it there, let me know where it is. The proper way to
> do things would be to merge the proper instructions in the Debian
> installation manual.

Um OK. I could send you the copy in plain text to incorporate into
said manual.

> Of course, a "pure Free Software" recipe would be better than having to
> rely on MacOS.

I agree.

> I have an OldWorld PowerMac 9500/180MP with a G3 upgrade card (400MHz)
> that booted fine with quik.

Interesting. Are you still using it, and how many times had it been
rebooted ? I read somewhere (Quite possibly on the Debian site) that
using Quik on Old World boxen, could lead to not being able to boot,
quite possibly screwing the OpenFirmware in the process.

> So I guess that it would be OK for you to mirror what you have working
> into a big HD and try to install with pure Free Software (you can get
> the packages that you have already installed with "dpkg --get-selections"
> and tell dpkg which packages should be installed with
> "dpkg --set-selections", so that you don't miss anything).

At some point I may try, possibly with another G3 Old World.

> Please, help us support the PowerPC port better. Oh, and don't forget to
> install the popularity-contest package on your box, since this is used
> by the release team to know which architectures are worth releasing.

Yup was installed from the beginning. 8-D

> (And the results are also used to order the packages on the Debian CDs).
>> Now I can use my legacy scsi scanner on a modern OS. :-D
> That's one of the good things of a Free Software Operating System.
> Please, help to keep it alive for this arch.

I'll do my best, despite not being a developer.


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