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Re: Suggestions for running Mac OS 9.0.1 on debian-x86-64

On Thu, Jul 31, 2008 at 07:31:41PM +0200, Christian Jaeger wrote:
> With mac99 it goes further (shows graphical output for a moment, then 
> back to a text screen, with messages "Unresolved kernel trap(cpu 0): 
> 0x700 Program DSISR=0x42000000 DAR=... generating stack backtrace prior 
> to panic .. .. .. panic: We are hanging here...":
> chris@novo:~/qemu$ qemu-system-ppc -M mac99 -boot c -snapshot -m 512 
> -hda /mnt/sda14/tmp/lombipseudodisk -localtime
> qemu: warning: could not load VGA bios '/usr/share/qemu/video.x'
> Mac OS X Loader
> Opening partition [hd:2]...
> HFSInitPartition: 290013
> Loading HFS+ file: [\\mach_kernel] from 290013.
> Loading HFS+ file: [\mach_kernel] from 290013.
> LoadDrivers: Loading from [hd:2,\System\Library\Extensions]
> Call Kernel!
> Trying to read invalid spr 1017 3f9 at 0026e564

Weren't you trying to run OS9? This is definitely OSX, as the classic
MacOS didn't use mach for its kernel.

After more thinking about this, booting OS9 will most likely require
the driver partitions to be available as you asked earlier in the
thread. It might be worth trying to boot from a MacOS CD if you have one.

	Brad Boyer

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