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Re: Suggestions for running Mac OS 9.0.1 on debian-x86-64

On Thu, Jul 31, 2008 at 06:46:43PM +0200, Christian Jaeger wrote:
> $ qemu-system-ppc -M \?
> Supported machines are:
> g3bw       Heathrow based PowerMAC (default)
> mac99      Mac99 based PowerMAC
> prep       PowerPC PREP platform
> ref405ep   ref405ep
> taihu      taihu
> Using -M prep shows some text, which said it couldn't read/understand 
> the disk format, so I realized that it probably wants a partition table. 

No Macintosh was ever prep compatible. You probably want to use one of
the first two entries in the list instead. I would suggest g3bw, which
is also apparently the default.

You probably do need to create a partition table as you mentioned.

	Brad Boyer

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