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Re: Pommed ignores fnmode option in the conf file

Francesco Pedrini <francesco.pedrini@gmail.com> wrote:


> i'm having some problems with pommed on an ibook g4 2005,
> it seems that he can't use the fn+functionkey working right.

Hmmm, if this machine still has an ADB keyboard (vs. USB), then you
cannot change the Fn behaviour. It's only possible on USB keyboards.

Check your logs or stop pommed and run pommed -f and you should see an
error message.

> Also, and that is really strange, the key are fully functional (with the 
> wrong behaviour) even when pommed is stopped, this leads me to think 
> that it's not only a bug of pommed, i think that there are other parts 
> of the system that are involved in this stuff.

If only the backlight keys work, then they're handled by the kernel on
its own. If other keys work too, then something else is running,
either pbbuttonsd or some GNOME stuff via HAL.


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