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Re: Pommed ignores fnmode option in the conf file

On Monday 21 July 2008 14:53:17 Francesco Pedrini wrote:
> Hi list,
> i'm having some problems with pommed on an ibook g4 2005,
> it seems that he can't use the fn+functionkey working right.
> I've to press fn+functionkey in order to get the normal fn values
> (fn+f1 -> f1, fn+f2-> f2) and it is not the behaviour that i want, i
> want to press the fn key ONLY when i want to trigger the special
> control (brightness, sound and eject keys)
> I've tried both with "fnmode = 1" and "fnmode = 2" but nothing
> changes...
> Also, and that is really strange, the key are fully functional (with the
> wrong behaviour) even when pommed is stopped, this leads me to think
> that it's not only a bug of pommed, i think that there are other parts
> of the system that are involved in this stuff.
> Does anybody has an hint?

in /etc/pbbuttonsd.conf         
look for the line KBDmode       just change to fkeyslast.

> Thanks a lot,
> Francesco
> --
> :wq

Børge Holen

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