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Pommed ignores fnmode option in the conf file

Hi list,

i'm having some problems with pommed on an ibook g4 2005,
it seems that he can't use the fn+functionkey working right.

I've to press fn+functionkey in order to get the normal fn values 
(fn+f1 -> f1, fn+f2-> f2) and it is not the behaviour that i want, i 
want to press the fn key ONLY when i want to trigger the special 
control (brightness, sound and eject keys)

I've tried both with "fnmode = 1" and "fnmode = 2" but nothing 
Also, and that is really strange, the key are fully functional (with the 
wrong behaviour) even when pommed is stopped, this leads me to think 
that it's not only a bug of pommed, i think that there are other parts 
of the system that are involved in this stuff.

Does anybody has an hint?

Thanks a lot,


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