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Re: Pommed ignores fnmode option in the conf file

On Monday 21 July 2008, Julien BLACHE wrote:
> Francesco Pedrini <francesco.pedrini@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> > i'm having some problems with pommed on an ibook g4 2005,
> > it seems that he can't use the fn+functionkey working right.
> Hmmm, if this machine still has an ADB keyboard (vs. USB), then you
> cannot change the Fn behaviour. It's only possible on USB keyboards.
> Check your logs or stop pommed and run pommed -f and you should see
> an error message.

Ok, i've an ADB keboard... but i don't get any error from pommed (except 
the stuff about LMU, but is it related only to the cdrom, right?), the 
full log is attached.

There is anything that i can try without switching back to pbbuttonsd?
Some sort of experimental patch or things like that, it should not be 
impossible since pbbuttonsd does that... i'll offer cputime and 
tests :D

> > Also, and that is really strange, the key are fully functional
> > (with the wrong behaviour) even when pommed is stopped, this leads
> > me to think that it's not only a bug of pommed, i think that there
> > are other parts of the system that are involved in this stuff.
> If only the backlight keys work, then they're handled by the kernel
> on its own. If other keys work too, then something else is running,
> either pbbuttonsd or some GNOME stuff via HAL.

ok, they're handled by the kernel :)

Thanks a lot,

mind@Tarja:~$ sudo pommed -f
I: pommed v1.21 ($Rev: 494 $) Apple laptops hotkeys handler
I: Copyright (C) 2006-2008 Julien BLACHE <jb@jblache.org>
pommed configuration:
 + General settings:
    fnmode: 1
 + sysfs backlight control:
    initial level: -1
    step: 8
    on_batt: 40
 + Audio volume control:
    card: default
    initial volume: -1
    step: 10%
    beep: yes
    volume element: Master
    speaker element: Master
    headphones element: Headphone
 + Keyboard backlight control:
    default level: 100
    step: 16
    auto on threshold: 20
    auto off threshold: 40
    auto enable: yes
    idle timer: 60s
 + CD eject:
    enabled: yes
    device: /dev/cdrom
 + Beep:
    enabled: no
    beepfile: /usr/share/pommed/click.wav
I: PMU machine check: running on a PowerBook6,7
E: Error: no lmu-controller found in device-tree


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