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Re: error: eth1: switching to forced 10bt

 Hello Peter,

Makes sense. Certainly on OSX, firewire ports are included in the list of network interfaces. I have never put Debian onto anything more modern than a Beige G3. Since these don't have firewire, all my installs have shown the built in ethernet port to be eth0 and additional PCI ethernet cards as eth1, etc.

I guess I should start using more uptodate hardware ;-)



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>>> Peter Rooney <http@shaw.ca> 01/17/08 9:11 AM >>> 
Dear Nicholas,

This happens on some of my machine also, (in particular, an iBook G4 and a
Blue & White G3) I recall from reading some messages at boot time text that
the firewire port gets called eth0.

Peter ( Rooney )

Nicholas Helps wrote:

[ snip ]

 > I am also wondering why on a standard PPC computer your default network port is eth1. Normally, if you only have one port 
(do you have more than one? Are they/it plugged into anything?), it would be eth0...

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