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Re: error: eth1: switching to forced 10bt

 Hello Peter,

Wolfgang has given you lots of info and I am not sure I can help much. However...

This is an info message about your network and it appears that the linux kernel keeps trying to reconfigure your ethernet interface (eth1) to 100 baseT (that is the bt notation) and then to 10 baseT speed. If nothing is plugged into the port, this would seem odd, since speed changes normally only occur when something changes on the network (eg you plug a network cable into the socket and the port changes to full duplex).

I am also wondering why on a standard PPC computer your default network port is eth1. Normally, if you only have one port (do you have more than one? Are they/it plugged into anything?), it would be eth0...

To be able to make changes without the messages causing problems, you can change to another console. Use the keyboard command (press the alt key and, while holding down alt, press the right arrow key). You can now log into a second console where the message will not keep coming up (to get back to the other console, press "alt-left arrow). There are four consoles you can have on the go at one time; try not to get confused about which you are working in! Try some of the commands that Wolfgang suggested. Also a simple "ifconfig" command with no further arguments would be useful. That will print out on screen what you current network port configuration is. That output would be useful to see.

Google is definitely your friend when it comes to linux problems. Almost certainly someone has seen this before and asked the same question on a forum. Google might just find that thread and your answer for you.




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>>> Peter O'Doherty <kpod@hetnet.nl> 01/12/08 10:22 AM >>> 
Thanks a lot for your help Wolfgang.

When I try sysv- rc ...etc I get the following error:

- bash sysv- rc- conf: command not found

Please bear with me as I am a total linux newbie so I have no idea  
how to find these scripts (/etc/init.b/ or
/etc/rcX.d). In any case these messages (about eth1) keep appearing  
without giving you the chance to type uninterrupted.

(Is there a connection here with XServer too as the first message I  
got was that it was not working so I chose the option to disable it?)


>> I'd try this:
>> sysv- rc- conf networking off
>> more on that:
>> http://wolfgangpfeiffer.com/foolinglinux.html#rc
>> But I'm not sure, because I just realized my networking routines,  
>> here
>> on Debian/unstable, seem to react weird:
>> # ifdown eth0
>> ifdown: interface eth0 not configured
>> But when running 'ifconfig', eth0 still is showing up ...
>> so you might want having a look to the scripts in /etc/init.b/ or in
>> /etc/rcX.d if the 'sysv- rc- conf' incantation does not help ...

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