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Re: error: eth1: switching to forced 10bt

Thanks a lot for your help Wolfgang.

When I try sysv-rc ...etc I get the following error:

-bash sysv-rc-conf: command not found

Please bear with me as I am a total linux newbie so I have no idea how to find these scripts (/etc/init.b/ or in
/etc/rcX.d). In any case these messages (about eth1) keep appearing without giving you the chance to type uninterrupted.

(Is there a connection here with XServer too as the first message I got was that it was not working so I chose the option to disable it?)


I'd try this:

sysv-rc-conf networking off

more on that:

But I'm not sure, because I just realized my networking routines, here
on Debian/unstable, seem to react weird:

# ifdown eth0
ifdown: interface eth0 not configured

But when running 'ifconfig', eth0 still is showing up ... 

so you might want having a look to the scripts in /etc/init.b/ or in
/etc/rcX.d if the 'sysv-rc-conf' incantation does not help ...

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