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Re: getting wireless and dvi out (clone mode) to work on iBook G4 - help needed, plz

On 11/24/07, Wolfgang Pfeiffer <roto@gmx.net> wrote:
> My bad: You clearly wrote of an xorg.conf for clone mode. Attached is
> an xorg.conf I probably was using for display cloning for a few tests
> last year. I hope it helps ... but no guarantees ... :)

Thanks for the file - I'll keep this in my collection (hopefully I'll
not need it !!). As you might have seen from my last mail, I took my
chance with the new ati driver from experimental - and that seems to
perform much better and is more user friendly. So, I am sticking with
the experimental driver for now.

> Such crashes do not happen too often on my system. But if it does I'm
> always glad to have a second Linux machine for a little ssh walk on
> the crashed computer .. :)

Good advice. I do have another machine running Linux so that surely
helps out a lot.

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