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Re: getting wireless and dvi out (clone mode) to work on iBook G4 - help needed, plz

On Wed, 21 Nov 2007 18:50:08 +0100, P Kapat wrote:

> 1. Is it possible to achieve [1] and [2] (for WPA enc) on Etch (may be
> using backports too) or do I have to break my system to a hochpoch of
> testing-unstable-experimental?

Honestly, I'd go for Unstable:

1) You get Xorg 1.4 with Xrandr 1.2 support and the latest and greatest 
ati driver
2) You get the latest kernel and possibly the latest bcm43xx driver
3) Regressions have been reported about sleep, but 2.6.22 should be ok
4) For that you need to visit linuxant.com and purchase their driver. 
They have a limited speed trial version.

If you want to stay with Etch, for 1) I remember I got the external video 
using MergedFB.

Best Regards, Jack
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