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Re: [OT] Ubuntu and powerpc (was Re: linux-kernel-di-powerpc-2.6_1.24_powerpc.changes REJECTED)

> >> (contemplating to switch to ubuntu finally, as the Debian development
> >> process now appears to be broken by design at least as it relates to
> >> powerpc)
> >
> > Oh, ubuntu is not better, Well, Colin Watson is handling the port, which is
> > fine, but they also left bug reports from me molder in their awful BTS for
> > months, and they where finally never applied. And they asked for hardware
> > donation and possibly some monetary incetive (not sure about this one though),
> > in order to get the pegasos supported, even though we made all the work.
> They seem to be considering dropping powerpc anyway.
> http://www.linux.com/article.pl?sid=06/11/16/1443243

Seems we're stuck without support either way if that comes to happen
(though they consider keeping the server side alive). All the more reason
to keep a reference installer that works.


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