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Re: linux-kernel-di-powerpc-2.6_1.24_powerpc.changes REJECTED

On Mon, Nov 27, 2006 at 11:03:41AM +0100, Michael Schmitz wrote:
> > Hi fellow debian-powerpc users,
> >
> > Once more, some influent folk in the debian-boot team, who didn't even want to
> > be named, is trying to stop me from working on powerpc d-i.
> >
> > Frans requested uploads of 2.6.18-3 .udeb packages, and so i did it, but the
> > package was rejected.
> I would be very interested to learn why the upload was rejected. AFAIK, a
> reason must be given.

The only reason was : 

  reject as requested by debian-boot

> At this point, I suggest you resume building regular d-i snapshots for
> powerpc incorporating all of the patches of yours that get rejected, so

Not possible, netboot installation media need packages in the archive. Not
everything is in the d-i snapshots.

> powerpc users can point to your version when filing bug reports against
> stock powerpc d-i. Maybe that will get someone's attention. A rising
> number of bug reports stating 'broken in d-i but works fine with Sven's
> build' could convince those of more rational leaning.

Yep, but i would need to fork the archive too. Upto now, i have avoided doing
that, for obvious reasons.


Sven Luther

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