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Re: linux-kernel-di-powerpc-2.6_1.24_powerpc.changes REJECTED

> > > Frans requested uploads of 2.6.18-3 .udeb packages, and so i did it, but the
> > > package was rejected.
> >
> > I would be very interested to learn why the upload was rejected. AFAIK, a
> > reason must be given.
> The only reason was :
>   reject as requested by debian-boot

Someone should be in the position to explain the reasons for this.

> > At this point, I suggest you resume building regular d-i snapshots for
> > powerpc incorporating all of the patches of yours that get rejected, so
> Not possible, netboot installation media need packages in the archive. Not
> everything is in the d-i snapshots.

I see. Is the installer smart enough to pull packages from more than one
archive? That would permit you to only place the modified udebs in your
forked archive, and pull the rest from the official archives.

Absent this, powerpc users can only file 'this is broken' bugs. Should be
done anyway, IMO.


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