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Re: internet from lan

this should not be, running 2.4 kernel as default
with release debian 3.1, it should be running 2.6.8-3.

that works fine with wall streets.

as far as the current netiso, testing, maybe not.
needs perhaps the 2.6.18 kernel which is still in

imho, better to get sarge right, first, then later
upgrade in place. (try that kernel first).


--- Michael Tautschnig <tautschn@model.in.tum.de>

> > By the way, the iso that I used for install was:
> > debian-31r3-powerpc-netinst.iso
> > thanks for your help, barry
> > 
> Could you try to use the testing release? You can
> find an image at
> However, I don't know whether the current release
> ought to work on powerpc,
> maybe someone else knows a bit more about that!?
> Other than that, I've never owned a Wallstreet and
> thus I don't know whether
> there are any known issues with a 2.4 kernel or the
> like.
> HTH,
> Michael

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