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sarge ppc eth0 config problem and old world install

Thank you brian.
I downloaded several different versions and distros.
Never could get sarge out of command line, but in all honesty I never redownloaded/reinstalled either.
Helped me learn a LOT of valuable command line basics though : )

Now I have my old wallstreet quad booted with yellowdog 4.0 , xubuntu 6.10(from the alt. disk), OS9(just for bootx) and OSX 10.2.8 (for work cause I need to sync ical... if there was a linux cal that would sync in from the .mac server I would love to try it)

I an quite taken with the ease and functionality of the xubuntu right now besides it is a little light on settings in the gui. I will probably go back and nuke the ydl and try debian again on that partition since I have already run ydl before.

For the record, the xbuntu install and set up were flawless past having to boot from an os9 volume w/bootx and the quirk of having to boot from the ramdisk (copied as with the kernel from after the install from the new volume but before the first boot back to the bootx volume???) even after install and include the root=/dev/hda? in the additional arguments field.

I dont remember sarge being so finiky there. That is not necessary in ydl which makes it the easiest old world install if someone has the magic kernel http://www.yellowdog-board.com/viewtopic.php?t=339 note:the directions said it was necessary.... The ydl also runs from the install kernel and it is not necessary to copy the installed kernel back to the bootx volume to run it. Seems the sarge install was the same but since I never got eth0 up, nor out of the command line cause I couldnt access the net for balance of the install I wouldnt have a clue.

The xubuntu ppc alt disk that I downloaded/installed is using the 2.6.17-10-powerpc kernel and I have not run across any freezes or usupported hardware yet. And new .mac mail works just fine where it absolutely crawls on the ydl 4.0

Well, what have I learned so far?
Simply do not trust downloaded install disks. even they they checksum I have several here that just didnt work but after redownloads, worked just fine so in the future if I have a problem on a fresh install the first thing I will do is redownload and reinstall. OH, and I love /sbin/trackpad ... saw it in the sarge files but never got to use it since I was stuck in command line but it is here in xbuntu and it is so much cooler than having to edit xorg.config : )

Happy Computing, Barry

On 2006/11/02, at 13:28, brian wrote:

this should not be, running 2.4 kernel as default
with release debian 3.1, it should be running 2.6.8-3.

that works fine with wall streets.

as far as the current netiso, testing, maybe not.
needs perhaps the 2.6.18 kernel which is still in

imho, better to get sarge right, first, then later
upgrade in place. (try that kernel first).


--- Michael Tautschnig <tautschn@model.in.tum.de>

By the way, the iso that I used for install was:
thanks for your help, barry

Could you try to use the testing release? You can
find an image at

http://cdimage.debian.org/cdimage/etch_di_beta3/powerpc/iso-cd/ debian-testing-powerpc-netinst.iso

However, I don't know whether the current release
ought to work on powerpc,
maybe someone else knows a bit more about that!?

Other than that, I've never owned a Wallstreet and
thus I don't know whether
there are any known issues with a 2.4 kernel or the


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