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Re: Problems with Dial-up on Old World Mac

> On Wed, Oct 25, 2006 at 10:43:40AM -0500, Jeffrey Rolland wrote:
>> On a possibly related note, I am unable to detect an Apple
>> Laserwriter 4/600 PS I have hooked up via ethernet, an ethernet
>> switch, and an AsanteTalk ethertalk-to-localtalk bridge. Again, it
>> prints just fine from the same computer running Mac OS 8.6 and from
>> an iBook G3 running OS 10.4.8 hooked up the the ethernet switch.
>> Thus, I don't believe the problem is the AsanteTalk bridge.
>> It almost appears that Debian just doesn't want to talk over the
>> localnet wires - but I'm not using localtalk! It doesn't make sense
>> to me.
> You don't say much about how you tried to use the Laserwriter. You might
> want to post the output of nbplkup or some of the other appletalk
> utilities to help debug the problem.
> 	Brad Boyer
> 	flar@allandria.com


The output of nbplkup is null. It doesn't appear to be sending traffic
though the localnet.

One interesting point is that I sometimes have my iBook running OS 10.4.8
hooked up via ethernet to an ethernet switch (which the ethernet switch is
then hooked up to the 7500 and to the AsanteTalk bridge) and I am unable
to see the iBook via nbplkup or any other means from  Debian, I am unable
to see the Debian box from "Browse Network" in the iBook, but if I choose
"Connect to Server" and input the Debian box's IP address in the iBook, I
*am* able to log into the Debian box, which acts as an AppleTalk server. I
dunno if that has any bearing, but just in case it might ...

Jeffrey Rolland

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