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Problems with Dial-up on Old World Mac

Hello, all!

I have a Power Macintosh 7500 running Debian Sarge. I have a US Robotics 56.6K modem.

When I try to dial up, Debian gets the modem to dial, and the modem negotiates a connection, but then the remote computer can't hear anything Debian says, and Debian can't hear anything the remote computer says. I have tested with KPPP and C-Kermit, and on two different PAP authenticating ISPs and on two BBS - same thing.

Using the same computer and modem with Mac OS 8.6, I am able to log into both the ISPs and the BBSs. Thus, I don't believe the problem is the modem.

On a possibly related note, I am unable to detect an Apple Laserwriter 4/600 PS I have hooked up via ethernet, an ethernet switch, and an AsanteTalk ethertalk-to-localtalk bridge. Again, it prints just fine from the same computer running Mac OS 8.6 and from an iBook G3 running OS 10.4.8 hooked up the the ethernet switch. Thus, I don't believe the problem is the AsanteTalk bridge.

It almost appears that Debian just doesn't want to talk over the localnet wires - but I'm not using localtalk! It doesn't make sense to me.

Does anyone have any experience with a problem similar to this?

Thanks in advance,
Jeffrey Rolland

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