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Re: Xorg 7.0.0 failing on powermac G3

Sorry for the long delay.  I have not touched the mac until today.  Also,   
noone else on the powerpc list responded.

brian wrote:
> hi, i also have a beige currently running
> sarge/2.6.8-3/Xfree4.3 -- procrastinating
> on the upgrade although i have already done
> on two other ppc/macs (one old w. one new)

I downgraded the xserver to xfree86 4.3 from sarge (breaking several X
packages, but oh well =).  It does work.

> i have a kne100TX which uses a tulip driver
> in the beige; also an old powerbook which uses
> a revised tulip driver de2114x. i heard that 
> before they had it the old tulip driver used
> to hang e/net. also in etch i recently for a little
> while discover was trying to overload the old
> driver again (updates fixed a few weeks ago).

I believe that's the same NIC I have, but I tried 3 different chips with the
same result.  Also doesn't matter which slot the card is in.

> i do not have usb, but i have 2nd graphics card.
> i remember i think i had to move the e/net, i believe
> i would not try and move it from what it is now.

I have not tried this, however, adding another video card was not an option. 
I needed more than 1 10/100 nic and the usb card.  (Because the mac keyboard
and mouse SUCK! =)

> i tried moving the gfx card once and it was unstable,
> so i have to leave it, i guess what you call
> the third slot ? that would be the one furthest
> from the motherboard. one problem i do have not
> yet too bad but disapointing is that the builtin
> interface is ignored, that prevents me from doing
> some sort of routing, with this machine (like if
> you want a webserver with a personal line also -- 
> i had hoped the builtin could go to internet and
> fast card to my LAN). anyway the one card does work
> in sarge, apparently, dows not crash X or anything,
> but i have also yet to do my LAN work with Linux...

The onboard nic works fine with the other cards installed.  Not sure about
with an addon video card.

> no usb here, but i wonder why you did not speak
> of trying to move/remove that card ?? 

Because that card did not make a difference.  I originally had it in the
bottom slot, now it's in the top slot.

> should i expect breakage on my upgrade ? well i will
> try it anyway, if you want to wait a little bit,
> maybe this will get me moving...

If you have the same thing I have, then it probably will break.

I have reported the bug to xserver-xorg-core package.

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