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Re: Problems on boot.

Hallo Javier,

Javier Ramirez <javier.ramirez@gmail.com> wrote:
> I upgrade debian a couple of days ago. Some of the packages I upgrade
> were xorg and pbbuttons. As soon, as pbbuttons install, my powerbook
> went black (At the moment I was listening some music)... and the music
> started to fade.

Use the brightness and volume keys to enlight the screen and turn the
music on.

> I didn't know what was happening.... so, I rebooted the computer, the
> kernel started to load. Everything seems to be fine, but at the last
> moment loads ppbuttons and the screen suddendly turns white and then
> black and my powerbook is freezes again.
> I wonder is something wrong in the debian packages?

No nothing is wrong. You should change LCD_brightness and Volume in your

HTH, Jörg.
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selbst wenn sie närrisch zu ihm spricht.

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