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Problems on boot.

I upgrade debian a couple of days ago. Some of the packages I upgrade
were xorg and pbbuttons. As soon, as pbbuttons install, my powerbook
went black (At the moment I was listening some music)... and the music
started to fade. I didn't know what was happening.... so, I rebooted
the computer, the kernel started to load. Everything seems to be fine,
but at the last moment loads ppbuttons and the screen suddendly turns
white and then black and my powerbook is freezes again.

I wonder is something wrong in the debian packages?

It used to worked fine. At the moment I don't have a rescue cd, so I
can't give much information about it.  I am downloading one, and check
where is the mistake. Any ideas, besides not booting with ppbuttons.

(sorry for my bad english)


Javier O. Ramírez Martínez
Key fingerprint = E7D8 22DC 5B71 72DC A06A  61F4 D823 35ED 2E67 CFB2

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