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Re: Nubus machines wanted

I might have a 7100 available...was running happily until I moved last year and I can dust it off and connect.


Clive Menzies wrote:
On (25/08/06 11:28), Clive Menzies wrote:
On (25/08/06 03:34), Aurélien GÉRÔME wrote:
Yes, I am interested in it. England is not so far from France, but
there is the Channel between us... Maybe do you appear to cross the
EuroTunnel to come next year to the FOSDEM in Bruxelles? ;)
I'll contact the school and see whether they've made use of it.

We'll work out logistics once I know I can get it.

Bad news I'm afraid :(

The school seem to have dispensed with the machine ... noone seems to
know where it's gone.  I do have a couple of beige G3s available, one
immediately and one in a few weeks time.




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