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Re: Problems installing Debian for Powerpc on p690 Logical Partitions... Help!

On Sun, Sep 17, 2006 at 10:37:23PM -0500, Cesar Delgado wrote:
> Hi
> I'm in the process of installing and configuring Debian 3.1_r2 for Powerpc on Logical Partitions of an IBM pSeries p690 (Power4 Processor) and one IBM pSeries p570 (Power5 Processor). I have downloaded the DVD images from Debian.org and tried to boot from these media without success. After some reading we have found that using the boot command of Open Firmware we can link the yaboot in /install dir inside the DVD:
> boot cdrom:,\install\yaboot
> when issuing this command looks like the yaboot sequuence cannot find the yaboot.conf file, which in fact does not exist cause yaboot.con is the one in the install dir. 
> Have anyone installed Debian on such platform usign DVD and how ?? Our customer network connections are not so good. 


Just wanted to inform you, not sure if this is of some interest, but i also do
propose, in informal partnership with IBM france, paying debian support on
Power hardware. This is done on a trouble ticket scheme, and will also include
a biarch/multiarch setup for debian/etch once it is released, and will found
my work on the debian/powerpc/64bit front.

So, well, i am not sure if you are interested in this, and i have some doubts
given that most people who chose debian chose it because of the good support
and because they can fix some issues themselves too, so even if you are not
interested in this, i would like to have some feedback as for the reasons of


Sven Luther

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