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Re: Re: problem boot debian on powerbook g3 (pismo/firewire)

hello, very sorry you are having so much
trouble, glad you are persistent, hope i 
have not made it any worse.

here are things i have used in past with my
pismo to reset:

a) hold down the power key for about 30 seconds
until you hear a long beep.
b) press and hold the reset button on the back
for (not sure exactly) about the same amount of time.
c) restarting the computer, push down all the keys
command-option-p-r, hold until you hear chime second
time, this is called resetting pram. 
d) using a free software tool in os9 which also clears
pram, called tech tool.

although i don't recall having black screen with pismo
i have had it with some older macs and it was
the firmware settings corrupted, the other things
i used there were "apple system disk" and
i have not tried either of these with pismo, i cannot
say if they would help or make things worse. they
do work with os9.

another thing to try is take out the battery,
disconnect ac
power and let it sit overnight (or longer). reset
the date in mac os afterwards.

you did check all those other things ? especially, 
mac os does mount the cd and you can go look,
you see a folder with a mac icon on it that is
meaning the cd is bootable ? (the buttons you
see when you held down option key they are
not to be trusted as OK for the cd). you have
*some* bootable mac cd you test your cd, with it ?
(like i said you should have one before you 
erase your disk...)

to check your ram there was a utility on the 
mac on linux site, i am not sure it catches all
problems but it might some. i believe that not
all pc-100 ram is 100% compatible there ...

other ideas i don't know really much about:
your friend knows a lot about debian/linux, you
might be able to get a network boot from his machine.

--- Florian Znottka <florianznottka@arcor.de> wrote:

> Good morning!
> I worked on this problem the hole weekend, so
> it seems to be a problem with the powerbook itself,
> because I used 5 different CD (3.0, 3.1, ubuntu,
> etc.)
>  from a friend. He burned it with a plextor premium
> -
> so it can't be the fault of the cds.
> I don't know, what to do next!
> > black screen sounds funny, if you have still
> > problem after trying all of the above, if it still
> > does that you may have to reset the open firmware
> > "screen" variable (like pcs bios, sort of). well
> > others here can probably advise better than me,
> > i never have had that problem ( i have some idea
> > what to do but its your machine not mine ). but
> the
> > greatest chance it seems is you have a bad cd,
> > somehow or other.
> >
> After the boot from the cd there is everytime a
> blank screen.
> can somebody help?
> Thanks a lot
> Florian Znottka
> _________
> florianznottka@arcor.de
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