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Re: imac g3 installation problem

In data 28/05/2006 09:16 Giulio Canevari ha scritto:
In data 27/05/2006 22:37 Rich Johnson ha scritto:

On May 27, 2006, at 3:27 PM, Giulio Canevari wrote:
Oh, and before I forget, _some_ of the G3 iMacs can boot from a USB drive or memory stick. This may be your easiest path if yours is one of them. If you have a spare USB drive, it wouldn't hurt to try.

Who knows, on lowendmac they write it's unable.
"You cannot boot the iMac from an external USB drive." But in fact it's not a drive...

They call this model "The Original iMac (Rev. A)" . This has 96 MB of ram.

Anyway i have tried, using qemu-system-ppc ( after many tries, with sarge packaged 0.6.2 it didn't worked, with a fresh 0.8.1 i have been able to boot debian-businesscard ) to create the partitions for my usb key ( fdisk isn't that friendly, mac-fdisk even worser... ), then i have followed the instructions of the install.en.pdf , but i stop at chapter 5.1.3, Booting from USB memory stick.

if i plug the key i obtain a pci-something node, than as a subnode the following:

			/device@2	----> the usb key

But i don't know what to type in order to try to boot.

On the example i read: boot usb0/disk:2,\\:txbi


Also i haven't been able to type the backslash (\) char on my italian keyboard...

Thank you again,
Giulio Canevari

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