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imac g3 installation problem


i have just received as a gift an Imac G3 233 Mhz with 96 mb of ram and a 4 GB hd with macos 8.1, where the "monitor" contains the processor and so on.

It seems to have a damaged cdrom reader, i can't boot holding c the debian business card cd ( burned correctly ). It doesn't also read disks within mac os 8.1 . I don't know if it is possible to connect a normal ide ( not slim ) unit externally, the cable is not standard as far as i know.

I would like to install sarge from usb, but from the install.en.pdf ( ch 4.4.1 ) i have seen that i should use mac-fdisk in order to partition the key, and i have found out that with my desktop ( an intel ) i have not a mac-fdisk command nor it seems to exists.

from fddisk i have only a 41  PPC PReP Boot partition type.

What should i do so?

p.s. note that i already use sarge on the x86 from a while.

Thank you in advance.
Giulio Canevari

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