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Re: snd-aoa status update / automatic driver loading

> * PowerBook5,7
works.  have not tested the optical output, but it lights.
Recover more or less perfect from sleep, I could wish for a automatic mute or 
similar? before machine goes to sleep. This would prevent the crack sound in 
the speakers when going to sleep.

> Note that the big missing feature is headphone/line-in/line-out
> autodetection at the moment, so if you rely on that don't use snd-aoa
> for the moment.
This would be a much appreciated feature.

> There are apparently some cases where it loses interrupts and then the
> sound is garbled, my brother's investigating that at the moment, it
> doesn't happen with my powerbook nor with my powermac.

Does this have anything to do with the metallic scrambled sound I get whenever 
I try to play a movie of some sort (this happens with OSS emu and ALSA 
Arts just scrambles it all to noice. 
I can also remember half way throught a ogg/mp3 playlist when it also 
scrambled the output, this has only happened ONCE.


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