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sgb powerpc binary package?

Dear all,

I noticed that the package sgb (Stanford GraphBase by Don Knuth) is 
available in binary only for i386. I'm not sure about the reason for 
that; it has been moved to non-free with the latest version (apparently 
Knuth doesn't allow it to be modified) quite some time ago, could this 
be a reason? At the moment there is also a broken dependency when you 
try to install sgb-doc, which does exist on non-i386.

Is the right way to go to file a bug report? How does the porting 
usually work, is it buildd.debian.org? Did the maintainer forget to 
issue a "request" in this case, or can even I do that?

Sorry if this is a FAQ, but I couldn't find much on it.

best regards

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