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Re: Installing Debian Woody base on an Oldworld Mac.


yes, this is familiar. `libpcre' was my problematic package with old-world woody (7600). i had to re-start the package downloads 4-6 times on average. i even put a note to this effect in my installation log somewhere ("log every action taken as root " && "installation counts as a root activity"), but reckoned that it didn't count as a bug report. i guess the downloader is hella paranoid about checksums. i suggest patience.

i was using debian.yorku.ca instead of http.us.debian.org, which might explain the slight disparity.

this leads to an abstraction question: are the pool directories normally on different partitions (or even devices), or one big one?


The Woody, diskette based, PPC installer works well up to "Install the Base system" via the network. I used the default source. http://http.us.debian.org/debian Several files are delivered; then a snag with a report such as, "Couldn't download libgdbmg1". In another attempt, "Couldn't download mailx". Etc. & etc. I have restarted "Install the Base System" at least 8 times with failure of a different file each time.

Does anyone recognize this problem?

Thanks,        ... Peter Easthope

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