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Airport Extreme / Etch

Hi, all.

I've got Etch running on my iBook G4, and everything is good, excepting the
Airport Extreme card.

What's the best way for me to get this running (with WPA/PSK) under Etch?
Is there a way to patch Linux 2.6.15 and get WPA support, or will I need to
build a new kernel, 2.6.17 or thereabouts?

If I build 2.6.17 kernel, will make-kpkg direct the process for me and
build a .deb, or is there something special about about Debian-packaged
kernel source, on top of putative security patches?

Thanks in advance for your assistance! I'm kinda psyched. Wireless access
is the last hurdle, after which I'll only rarely boot MacOS X on this box.
I've got a wire running to it now, but it's fairly inconvenient at home,
and impossible in some of the places I connect.

Mason Loring Bliss          mason@blisses.org          Ewige Blumenkraft!
awake ? sleep : random() & 2 ? dream : sleep; -- Hamlet, Act III, Scene I

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