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Re: Can't install, no KBD (G4 Cube)

On Wed, Dec 07, 2005 at 06:27:03PM +0100, Hans Ekbrand wrote:
> On Wed, Dec 07, 2005 at 07:51:41AM -0500, Rich Johnson wrote:


> > That the hd-media installer doesn't support even _ONE_ filesystem  
> > native  to the machine it's intended to run from is absurd.   What is  
> > causing this?  It's clearly not the size of the kernel.  And it can't  
> > be the size of the download since the _minimal_ download for a sarge  
> > hd-media install is 99+ MB (businesscard.iso)
> I don't know hfs+ is not supported.



> Here a draft on the possiblities involved. If my understanding of the
> issues are correct, the installation manual needs some extensive
> rewriting.
> There are three different stages A, B and C, that can be loaded by
> different means:
> A. How to *start* the debian-installer?
> 1. Boot from removable media that has an installer-image on its boot
>    block (e.g. CDROM, floppy, usb)
> 2. Use a bootloader from within a existing operating system (yaboot,
>    BootX, penguin)
>   2b. (possible, but not very common) Use a native bootloader (yaboot,
>      grub, lilo) installed on harddisk)
> 3. Netboot (pxe or other methods gets a bootloader by dhcp and tftp)
>   (pxelinux or yaboot loads (by tftp) the kernel and initrd needed)
> B. From where is the debian-installer to get its *own modules* (needed for its own functioning)?
> 1. From the removable media (CDROM or usb) that started the debian-installer at boot
> 2. From .iso-file on local harddisk (Filesystem must be readable by the debian-installer, which exludes HFS+)
> 3. From the net (internet or local debian-mirror)

So the kernel module for hfs+ can probably be loaded at runtime by the
installer at this stage. But if it's on a HFS+ partition you're
obviously screwed :-) I think the netboot image would have been able
to load that module at runtime from the net (which is pretty cool

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