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Re: Can't install, no KBD (G4 Cube)

On Tue, Dec 06, 2005 at 08:19:48PM -0500, Rich Johnson wrote:
> >You were. I stupidly assumed that d-i was changed between march and
> >june when sarge was released.
> Well, I _tried_ the testing/etch installer.  It managed to activate  
> the keyboard, but it took a long time (>5sec) after the select  
> language menu was displayed.
> Things went fine until....it started looking for the .iso image.    
> Well, it couldn't find it, despite the fact that the iso image was  
> sitting _right next to_ the kernel and initrd. I tried running a  
> shell to mount the partition, but apparently the kernel doesn't  
> support HFS+--despite the fact that it's  running from one.  This is  
> annoying and frustrating.  Then I looked for basic utilities to  
> create disk partitions, establish a network connection and FTP an ISO  
> image from the repository---no dice.

It sounds as if you used the hd-media images. My understanding is that
if you want to install over the net, you should use the netboot images
instead of the hd-media images. (Netboot does not necessarily mean
that the images needed to boot is fetched from the net at boot time).
The hd-media version of the installer expect to find the files needed

>  In fact, none of these most basic utilities are present in the
> bootstrap. This is annoying and frustrating, beyond belief.

If you want to be able to download installer modules at runtime from
the net, use the netboot images.

If you want to be able to install from hd-media and have only HFS+
partitions, that cannot be read by the installer, you could use a
usb-stick and put the powerpc/hd-media/boot.img.gz on it (as suggested

powerpc/hd-media/boot.img.gz            -- 123 mb image (compressed) for USB memory stick)

> I gave up went back to the the woody installer.  It has the following  
> compelling attributes:
>   1.  There is a single-machine, no-iso, no-tftp installation option  
> (http://people.debian.org/~branden/ibook.html)
>   2.  A complete kit is downloadable from a single url--including  
> yaboot (http://http.us.debian.org/debian/dists/woody/main/disks- 
> powerpc/current/new-powermac/)
>   3.  It supports the native filesystem for the machine you're  
> installing it on (HFS+)
>   4.  The kit is relatively small (~7M)
>   5  It works.
> IMO, the sarge/etch installer represents a step backwards until it  
> also has these attributes.

The netboot images provides [1]-[4] except for [3]. But [3] is
uninteresting if you want [4].

Perhaps the installaion manual did not provide a clear description of
the intended purpose of the netboot images?

Etch didn't quite deliver [5] though, you should perhaps report a bug
for the keyboard issue.

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