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Re: mounting a HFS drive on a Linux machine clobbers it?

On Sep 26, 2005, at 1:37 PM, Brad Boyer wrote:

The partition map doesn't have separate types for HFS and HFS+.
but what is odd is that gparted (gnome partition editor) *does* seem to make a distinction between HFS and HFS+ -- so I assume it's looking at the volume header?

To tell
the difference, you need to actually look at the volume header inside
the partition.
how does one look at the volume header?

 The NewWorld bootblock partition does actually have an
HFS filesystem on it, but it uses a special partition type.

My guess
is that one of them is looking at the filesystem, while the other is
only looking at the type field in the partition map.
ah!...OK I think I understand now...

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