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mounting a HFS drive on a Linux machine clobbers it?

no one seemed to have an answer for this one so I am posting it again:
When I booted into Linux with my 300G HFS+ formatted backup drive hanging off the iMac the drive came up and I could see all the .dmg backups on it... but when I rebooted into OS X the HFS drive came up as unrecognized...WTF?!
my question is:
- how do I fix this?
- is there a Unix util that can fix this? I have Fink and Darwinports so I can DL it from them...

corrected typo in last post (*asterisk*)
thanks for the info on the yaboot issue...I did the lazy thing and just reinstalled Ubuntu since I was under a time constraint and didn't have time to sit down and do any tinkering with the OF (which was (*NOT*) responding to the partition numbers I entered anyway)...

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