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Re: summary of ALSA status on PPC as of kernel 2.6.13 (ALSA 1.0.9)

For completion, could you report the machine type found by
"cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep machine" for your PowerMac hardware?

machine: PowerBook4,1

it is most definately in ibook though ;)

If you still use Debian on it, the data you find using a kernel 2.6.13
would be useful for this table as well.

i sold it a long time ago. its borderline junk hardware.
the battery was near death and unreplacable, with slow everything
large and heavy. this model ibook has much better size, hardware
weight and the battery is standard and replacable. infact i
just replaced it so 5hours battery life again (*cheer*)

my imac dv (g4 450) also has appauling sound, in
that it works but the automute stuff doesnt work at all, so plugging
in headphones does nothing. i have submitted alsa bugs for it but

I'd like pointers to the ALSA BTS for these bugs, so that I could point
to them in the table, in addition to the existing bug #306.


so i guess thats bug #229
thats with a 2.4 kernel. might be better now. im not fussed to install
linux over macosx so sorry cant help you further.

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